000 Klassy Kassy leggings, navy (plus)

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Klassy Kassy leggings utilize hand-picked fabric by our buyers which make our selection of leggings the BEST feeling, softest, stretchiest, absolutely most fantastic leggings you'll have in your wardrobe. The leggings pictured here meet our high QC standards. You may occasionally see copy-cat patterns from the competition, but they aren't ours. STAY KLASSY!

  • Good For: Casual wear, Evening outfit,¬†Fitness¬†training, Gym, Hiking, Running.
  • Material: Polyester¬†&¬†Spandex blend
  • Fabric:¬†THE BEST! Breathable
  • Care: Hand¬†wash¬†cold.
  • Visibility:¬†Opaque (cannot see-through)
  • Hypoallergenic:¬†Sensitive Skin Safe
  • Length:¬†Full Ankle Length
  • Size: 2X¬†thru Super Size.
  • Plus: US Size 18-24
  • Extra Curvy¬†: US Size 24-32
  • Fits: 175-350 lbs @ 5'1" to 6' tall
  • Consistency:¬†EXTREMELY Stretchy
  • Touch & Feel: Soft Fitting Warm