All Denim Everything

Among the fabrics that shaped fashion the most, denim is probably the first to come to mind. First used in workwear for sailors, during the second half of the 20th century it evolved into a versatile element used by many subcultures, gaining its spot in every wardrobe.

Simple combinations like jeans and a tee can become boring if you wear them everyday, but don't worry: all denim outfits are among the hottest trends this Summer, so draw inspiration from some of the best ones spotted around the world!

Even though the so-called "Canadian Tuxedo" has been around since the '90s, you won't need to go for vintage shirts and jeans to achieve a perfect look. Miranda Kerr gives us a great lesson with her simple and essential outfit, keeping accessories basic except for the leopard shoes, which give a slight but noticeable twist to the whole look.

Tip: you can also use different shades for the shirt and jeans in order to make it look even fresher.

When it comes to iconic street style nobody does it better than Rihanna and this look is just another brilliant proof of it. The contrast of proportions in this outfit is amazing: the ripped tight-fitting skirt perfectly matches the slightly oversized shirt, combining elegance and casual attire. RiRi's look also highlights the incredible versatility of denim: without the baseball cap it would be right for a more formal context too (don't get me wrong, it's fantastic as it is too).

All in all, it's impossible to speak about denim staple items without talking about overalls. 20 years ago they were a HUGE thing in fashion, especially oversized ones, even if I have to admit that some looks from back then would look hilarious nowadays. Anyway, they are coming back, this time with less baggy fits.

Wearing a crop top underneath an overall is a great idea, as you will manage to wear this look even in summer. Give it your personal touch and you're set: the streets are yours!

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