Black and White? Why not?

Black and white is the most simple combination ever, which doesn't mean it has to be boring. Actually, it is a demonstration that you don't need to wear complex or daring outfits in order to be stylish.

Black and white was given an update by many designers this season and it's already emerged as a major trend among street style divas. If you want to be a trendsetter and not a follower, go get your black and white fix before it goes mainstream!

Black and white can be worn in many different ways: find the ones you like and get inspired! Sporty and practical


As you can see above, you can keep the silhouette quite simple and focus on details. An original bomber jacket is enough to create a unique look, and matching accessories are perfect to complete it.

If you want it to be even more minimalist, you can go for a white tee and black pants combo, maybe with an eye-catching light-weight parka or hoodie. Pattern mania

3515tuleriesC61701 As this outfit

fromĀ DKNY's masterful collection shows us, black and white can be used in funny and less plain ways too. Avoid looking too austere and basic and go wild with patterns: you won't regret it! New shapes


If you want to be on the edge of fashion this Spring, then play with shapes and textures. I know you might want to keep your outfits simple for your daily routine; anyway, if you have the chance, it's always great to try new things, in order to escape monotony and let your creativity flow. Elegance at its finest


If you think about elegance, the first thing that pops up in your mind is a black suit with a white shirt. The timeless appeal of this combination has given origin to many variations on the theme, one of which is the outstanding look pictured above.

If you want to feel confident and stylish at the same time, opt for androgynous outfits such as this one.

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