Back to the 70s

The 70s were a really dynamic period in fashion, starting with the continuation of hippie looks from the previous decade and then shifting towards the golden age of disco music.

The diversity of styles that developed and evolved during the 70s has been a constant inspiration for designers, making this age one of the most beloved ones among fashionistas. This spring the 70s will be back, with a clear dominion of hippie silhouettes and palettes: get inspired by these retro outfits spotted during the fashion month on the streets of New York, London, Milan and Paris!

f0912ea5-a141-4b97-aa0f-af1c1c3a6be4   When thinking about the 70s, earthy and opaque tones are the staple colors, as you can see in this fantastic multicolored patterned dress. The hat makes the whole look less casual, creating an interesting contrast between its rigorous shape and the loose fit of the dress.

Street-Style-Seventies_exact780x1040_p   Fit matters, so go for large dresses, tunics and shirts. An ethnic twist is a great extra, as well as transparency and light fabrics. Tip: when you opt for a simple outfit like this, be sure to choose the right tone for your staple item, in order to avoid looking too plain.


You shouldn't dress up as a hippie, what you want to achieve is a retro look with a modern touch to it. Flared pants look perfect with this oversized coat and the small bag gives a really contemporary and fresh aspect to the outfit.

A great idea is to mix 70s-inspired items with new ones: there's no rule you need to follow, the only important thing in fashion is feeling confident, so follow your intuition and taste when applying seasonal trends to your daily outfits.

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