It used to be a reflection of runway fashion, but street style has now evolved into an almost independent world with its trends and icons, able to influence even designer collections.

Since its rise, street fashion has been about exploiting elements from different subcultures and functional clothing, which were often ignored by major labels. Although in different forms and contexts, street style has shown an everlasting fascination with sportswear, which has led hoodies, varsity jackets and many other sport-inspired clothes to become staple items for trend-savvy fashionistas.

Sporty chic looks can be achieved playing with texture and graphic tees while keeping an eye on more elegant proportions:  Another way to give a sporty twist to an outfit can be through details, especially through colored sneakers, which give a unique touch to a minimalist outfit: street-style-spotlight-bright-sneakers7 If you want to go for a more relaxed, boyish look then you can match a sportswear-inspired sweater with ripped jeans and sneakers as in this outfit:

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